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Program Design

During each session, the children experience structured and unstructured learning opportunities.  There is individual time with a teacher as well as small and large group activities.  We allow plenty of time for free play so that the children can follow their interests, make choices and complete their plans.  Our teachers are on hand to facilitate this process and guide social learning.  Transition times are clearly marked so that the children can predict what will happen next and feel secure at school. 

Our Main Goals
  • Partner with the parents to foster their child's unique development
  • Love and acknowledge each child every day
  • Guide the family through the separation process
  • Build self-esteem and feelings of competency through loving contact and providing stimulating choices
  • Support the development of empathy and making friends
  • Help children cope with their feelings and use their words to express them
  • Encourage childrens' questions and support their initiative to find answers 
  • Model and help create a community of learners that respects each other and solves problems together
Programs (Infants 2 month - 14 months, Toddlers 15 months - 2.9, Preschool 2.9 - 6)
1 to 5 Half/Full Day
      1 to 5 Half/Full Day
      2 to 5 Half/Full Day
Optional Services (requires prior sign-up):
      Toddler Lunch & Play 12:00 to 12:30 on 
      Preschool Lunch & Play 12:00 to 1:00 on
      Early Drop-Off at 7:30