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Here's what our customers are saying...

Dear Ida,

I hope you have been having a lovely summer.
I’m not sure I can believe that Otto is about to enter first grade. 
I wanted to write to you and thank you for all you and your good people have done for Otto (and us). The Playhouse has been such a place of sanctuary. From the very first day there when he had only just turned two until the last day of the summer program last week, we have always been made to feel welcome and loved. Sweetness, love and goodness have always permeated the atmosphere there. Of course you are the angel who oversees it all, and you fill the environment with your gentle and caring spirit.  I always knew Otto would be cared for and adored there. And he has been, every moment, in the toddler and in the preschool rooms, with Betsy and Marie and Donna and Amy and Maureen and all the wonderfully warm and thoughtful people who work there.

I’m not feeling terribly articulate at the moment--my superlatives don’t do justice to all you have given and been for us.
I love how you softly you encounter both adults and children, how tenderly and yet shrewdly you navigate the world. I
believe very much that children do best in the environment you have created for them, where they feel inspired to take the small and large risks that help them develop, and they learn intuitively that all this growth can happen through play. They clearly flourish with the encouragement bright presence and love you provide. My son and my family have always felt deeply respected by you and your good people — I wish I didn’t have to add that such an experience is more rare than it should be.

Marie so thoughtfully and gently helped us to see and understand what was going on with Otto, and ever since then as he has struggled and grown, the Playhouse has been a steadfast source of affirmation and support. 
I cannot thank you enough for your intelligent and loving oversight all these years (more than 4). you are a beacon of goodness. We send our gratitude and love to you and your stellar staff. 
If I had my way, I’d keep Otto near you for many more years to come!

Thank you.

Very best Meg

To the Fabulous Women of The Playhouse Preschool,

It's hard for us to believe that it was over 3 years ago when we first brought Stephanie in to see all that Playhouse had to offer.  We were nervous about finding the right environment for Steph (as we're sure most parents are).  And at the time, we had a little girl who was a bit of a leg-clinger, making us unsure about how she would react to spending time away from us.

From the minute we walked in that first day just to VISIT the school, we knew this was the place.  We think that might have been the first time Stephanie was looking for us to do a 'drop-off' and leave her until dinner time.

The children of the Playhouse are a lucky bunch.  No matter what was happening in your lives, you made each one of them feel wanted, loved and safe from the minute they walked through the door each and every day.  As parents, we're lucky to have made friendships that have become important parts of our daily lives, too.

You know as a parent it's rewarding, challenging, fun and sometimes frustrating to wrap your arms around their little brains and worlds, and help them find their way.  We are fortunate and blessed that you have been such an important part of our village in raising and nurturing Steph for the last three years.

And while she is moving on to FDK, she would still like dibs on the green swing and is hoping to jump on the bus to come visit every once and a while so she can say hi.  If she ever does show up, just call and we'll come collect her. (Can't you picture her figuring out the bus system and talking them into letting her switch for a day?)

Thanks for all you love and support.  You.ve helped us give Steph a great foundation to start her journey through school.  Now if only she could pick one thing to be ... A paleontologist, a space scientist, a "human body" doctor .. or a cat.

Our very best to you,
Carolyn & Peter Johnson

To all the amazing Playhouse teachers (past & present),

There are no words to express how grateful we are to have had you in our lives and especially the lives of our daughters!  Their lives and their education will forever be better because they had you in the beginning to teach them what is really important.  We will miss you more than words can say!

,,,You truly changed the lives of all the children at the Playhouse,  We are so blessed.

We love you all,
Jenn, PJ, Anna, Lindsey & Melanie 

Dear Ida, Donna, Maureen & team,

Words can not express the gratitude and appreciation my husband and I have for the Playhouse Preschool.  The nurturing support, guidance and attention you shower on the kids in your care far exceeded our expectations.  Your deep devotion to your pre-schoolers is so sincere, from Donna's gift suggestion of Emily's favorit book to Maureen's borrowing a book from the library to help Emily with her anxiety at drop-off,  That kind of special attention is appreciated more than you could know.  Emily and Zachary both learned so much during their time with you.  You should be proud that the foundation you provide is growing succesful kindergarteners and responsible young people.

Thank you from the bottom of our heats;
Laurie, P.J., Zachary and Emily Soumoulis 

Dear Ms. Ida,

Thank you for giving us such an amazing place for our children to thrive these past seven years,  Their memories of Playhouse are a testament to you and to all the wonderful teachers you chose to surrond yourself with.

The way Michael, Hannah and Jessie talk about Playhouse to their friends speals volumes about how loved they felt by you and the other teachers.  They always tell Jack how lucky he is to still be at Playhouse and they could not wait to come in to visit and to "mystery readers" and share that special "Playhouse feeling" yet again.

We will all miss you next year but we will stop in for a visit when we need some "Playhouse energy".

Love, Kelly & Jack too.

Can't say enough wonderful things about the Playhouse Preschool.   We have had 4 children go through Playhouse and had an amazing experience.   My oldest son began there in 2004 and we just this spring graduated our youngest son who is headed to kindergarten.

Playhouse is a true "play" focused preschool and the warmth and kindness of the teachers there is amazing.  My children adored the teachers and we truly think of them as a part of our family.  If we see one of their cars parked at Colella's my kids will insist we pull over to say hello.

The director, Ida, is the most flexible and accommodating preschool director you will ever meet.   They actually allow children to make up days missed and allow them to add on a session on an as needed basis (if they have slots open).   They also have some children whose parents both work full time so they stay a full day - this came in handy for us one afternoon when my oldest ended up having an accident and we spent the afternoon in the ER.

Happy  to answer any further questions or speak in person to anyone who would like more information.

Kelly Ianelli 

Dear Ida and Staff,

We can't thank you enough for all that you have done to make Maci's first school experience an amazing one.  Maci has grown so much this past year and she loves going to school.  Thanks to all of you; she experienced a warm, exciting and nurturing environment, where she was able to make new friends and explore new things.  We were told that sending Maci to The Playhouse Preschool for her first year of school would be the best decision we could ever make.  It certainly was and again we thank you.

Please accept the enclosed donation as our special thanks and appreciation for all that you do.  We wish you the best always.

Scott, Gayle and Maci Ober 

Dear Ida,

First, I want to express my deepest condolences over the loss of your parents.  This year has been one of deep pain for you, yet the casual observer would never know it from the efficiency and professionalism in which you have maintained the school in the face of your own personal sorrow.

Because of the events of the past few months, I haven't had the opportunity to speak with you at length since my mother visited the school.  As you may remember, she is a lifelong early-childhood educator in South Carolina, and has served as a day-care director, a preschool principal, a program evaluator for the S.C. Department of Education and a kindergarten teacher, and it was she who impressed on me the importance of finding a NAEYC accredited school.  Whenever she visits us, she always wants to see the children's schools, and I am usually apprehensive abot it ... she usually finds them lacking.

Anyway, I had a suspicion that she would like the Playhouse because she has spoken to me so often about what to look for in a facility and I thought that your school fit the bill.  It was wonderful to hear it from her, however.  She was effusive in praise for you, your teachers and the overall program and facility.  She said that it was "among the top 3 or 4" programs that she had visited --- and in her work, she has seen hundreds.  It was high praise from someone who is usually not generous with compliments, and I thought you and your staff would like to know.  We are very pleased and grateful to have Katherine in your program.


Jennifer Graham

To the Playhouse teachers,

Thank you for the wonderful experiences Griffin has had at the Playhouse over the last 2+ years.  His first adventures away from home could not have been at a better place, than with Ms. Marie and Ms. Betsy.  And this year he has learned so much about making friends, from Ms. Donna, Ms. Maureen and the 2 Ms. Michelles’.  One of Griffin’s favorite things at the end of last year was when you all planted tulips.  We could not find any tulip bulbs but we wanted to give you something to plant with your next set of children – maybe they will enjoy the process as much as Griffin did.

Thank you again.  We hope to keep in touch with all of you!

Mindy Marchand

You do such an excellent job with all the kids and parents!  I can’t thank you enough for all your help this year.

Erica Brown

Thank you for a wonderful year at The Playhouse Preschool.  My son has flourished under your warm, loving guidance and care.  And most importantly, he loves going to school!  We can’t thank you enough and are looking forward to camp and the year ahead.

A Parent

As always, our family has had an amazing experience at your school.  You always provide such a warm, loving environment where the kids are so comfortable and happy.  Camille has learned a lot and we thank you for that.

The Perlov Family